Transcription profiling of Bos taurus 4 brain areas at either of 2 phases of oestrous cycle

  • A. Kommadath (Creator)



The experiment is part of a study aimed at identifying and studying genes that contribute to differences in oestrous behaviour expression and fertility levels of dairy cows. Samples from 4 brain areas (dorsal hypothalamus, ventral hypothalamus, amygdala and hippocampus) and the anterior pituitary were collected from 28 primiparous Holstein Friesian cows, 14 of which were sacrificed at start of oestrus and 14 at mid of oestrous cycle. Differential gene expression between the 2 phases of oestrous cycle as well as the association of gene expression patterns with the level of oestrous behaviour expression are studied.
Date made available2 May 2014
PublisherWageningen UR


  • Bos taurus

Accession numbers

  • E-TABM-916

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