Trace gas and wind velocities at 10 hertz from the 10 meter MetCity tower during the MOSAiC Arctic drift campaign, 2019-2020

  • Byron Blomquist (Creator)
  • Detlev Helmig (Creator)
  • Stephen Archer (Creator)
  • Laurens Ganzeveld (Creator)
  • Dean Howard (Creator)
  • Hélène Angot (Creator)
  • Ludovic Bariteau (Creator)
  • Hans Werner Jacobi (Creator)
  • Kevin Posman (Creator)
  • Jacques Hueber (Creator)



Data are available for download at These files are merged, 10 Hertz (Hz) measurements of 3 dimensional wind components (u,v,w) and dry air mole fractions of carbon dioxide (ppm) and methane (ppm). These are intended as raw files for computation of turbulent flux. The time lag between wind and gas measurements due to the long gas inlet has been corrected in this dataset (i.e. the gas concentration time series is time-shifted to synchronize the trace gas and vertical wind speed measurements). Files are provided in netCDF format with the standard CDF epoch timestamp (milliseconds since 01-Jan-1970 00:00Z) and year/month/day/hour/minute/second time vectors, to simplify date-time calculations. The wind coordinate system is right-handed and earth-relative, where u is northward velocity, v is westward velocity and w is upward velocity. Wind data is from the 10-meter ultrasonic anemometer on the MetCity tower. These data are available in original form from our collaborators (doi:10.18739/A2VM42Z5F) and are provided here in merged format with the gas data as a convenience to facilitate flux calculations.
Date made available2022
PublisherUniversity of Colorado at Boulder, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Temporal coverage13 Nov 2019 - 17 Sept 2020
Geographical coverageCentral Arctic Ocean


  • turbulence
  • carbon dioxide
  • Methane

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