The transcriptional response of bioreactor-grown Aspergillus niger cultures towards three oils

  • Douwe van der Veen (Creator)
  • R.A. van den Berg (Creator)
  • Leo de Graaff (Creator)



The industrially important fungus Aspergillus niger feeds naturally on decomposing plant material, for which it is equipped with a range of enzyme systems. A significant proportion of plant material are lipids that might be available either as for energy storage or as membrane building blocks. With 63 potential lipase-encoding genes in its genome, A. niger has the tools to degrade these extracellular lipids. In contrast to polysaccharide-degrading enzyme networks not much is known about the signalling and regulatory processes that control lipase expression and activity in fungi both under laboratory and natural occurring conditions.
Date made available1 Sep 2009
PublisherWageningen University and Research Centre

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