The productive performance of intercropping

  • Chunjie Li (China Agricultural University) (Creator)
  • Tjeerd-Jan Stomph (Creator)
  • David Makowski (Creator)
  • Haigang Li (Creator)
  • Chaochun Zhang (Creator)
  • Fusuo Zhang (Creator)
  • Wopke van der Werf (Creator)



This repository provides access to the dataset used to conduct the meta-analysis on the productive performance of intercropping published in PNAS (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2201886120). Three files are provided, named as “Dataset.csv,” “Variables in the dataset.xlsx”, and “R script.R”. The file “Dataset.csv” includes 934 data records collected from 226 field experiments on intercropping, described in 132 publications (see the Materials and Methods of the paper). Each row of this dataset corresponds to one record. The record descriptors are presented in 50 columns, providing information on the publication (title, year and authors), species combination, the yields and N fertilizer rates of both sole crops and intercrops, intercropping design, intercropping pattern, number of replicates and so on. The file named “Variables in the dataset.xlsx” includes the meta-data and define all the variables (columns) included in the file “Dataset.csv”. The file “R script.R” includes the R scripts used to analyze the data and generate the figures presented in the paper.
Date made available6 Jul 2022
PublisherWageningen University


  • intercropping
  • productivity
  • land-use efficiency
  • Transgressive overyielding
  • food security
  • agronomy

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