The effects of ectopic UCP1 expression on gene expression in skeletal muscle [Mus Musculus]



This SuperSeries is composed of the following subset Series:
GSE45991: Amino acid deprivation due to overexpression of UCP1 in skeletal muscle: signalling via FGF-21
GSE45992: Transgenic overexpression of UCP1 in skeletal muscle in mice fed a HFD: signalling via FGF-21

Skeletal muscle FGF21 secretion: part of a novel metabolic rescue cycle
Susanne Keipert, Mario Ost, Janine Dokas, Evert M. van Schothorst, Mariona Jove, Reinald Pamplona, Manuel Portero-Otin, Jaap Keijer, Susanne Klaus
Date made available19 Feb 2015
PublisherWageningen UR


  • human physiology and anatomy

Accession numbers

  • GSE45993
  • PRJNA196839

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