The Bracon brevicornis genome, supporting data



In presenting the Bracon brevicornis genome, supporting information is made available. The material available in this database entry are as follows:
1. Contamination scaffolds from decontamination process (note, identified as being neither the carrier DNA of tomato, nor belonging to the group Arthropoda in a BlobTools analysis. For more details, refer to source manuscript.
2. Two sets of pseudohaplotype FASTA files, generated from decontaminated B. brevicornis reads and output from Supernova assembler.
Date made available9 Dec 2019
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • genome
  • biocontrol
  • biological control
  • insect
  • parasitoid
  • Trichogramma
  • Trichogramma brassicae
  • genome assembly

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