Supplementary Dataset 2 from the paper "Syntenic cell wall QTLs as versatile breeding tools: intra-specific allelic variability and predictability of biomass quality loci in target plant species"



This dataset contains 100 sets of 91 random QTL regions from the genome of Miscanthus sinensis that mirror the basepair size distribution of 91 QTLs that were found in Miscanthus sinensis through genome-wide association analysis (GWAS) for multiple traits related to biomass (cell wall) quality.

The 100 sets of random QTL regions were used in the publication attached to this dataset to perform a permutation analysis to test for co-localization between a set of syntenic QTLs for cell wall quality previously mapped in Miscanthus and the QTLs detected by GWAS (see above).

The 100 sets of random QTL regions have been produced in R, by applying the size distribution of GWAS QTLs as constraint for determining the size of random QTLs. Random QTLs could be picked across the whole miscanthus genome, to ensure complete randomness.
Date made available13 Feb 2023
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • syntenic QTLs
  • allelic variability
  • miscanthus sinensis
  • QTL detection

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