Supplementary Dataset 2 from the paper "Highly differentiated genomic properties underpin the different cell walls of Poaceae and eudicots"



This dataset reports the annotation of tandem gene clusters for the cell wall genes belonging to 150 different gene families, across 169 angiosperm genomes covering basal angiosperms, non-commelinid monocots, Poaceae, and eudicots.

The dataset was created by analysing the relative genomic position of each cell wall gene to other cell wall genes belonging to each function analysed, in the genome of each species.

Data structure and other information can be viewed in the README file.
Date made available13 Feb 2023
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • cell wall biology
  • poaceae evolution
  • angiosperm species
  • eudicots
  • genetics - research
  • genomics analyses

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