Structure-heat transport data of periodic open-cell foams

  • Christoph Sinn (Creator)
  • Jonas Wentrup (Creator)
  • Lars Kiewidt (Creator)
  • Georg R. Pesch (Contributor)
  • Jorg Thöming (Contributor)



The dataset contains heat flows in periodic open-cell foam structures for different strut-diameters, cell-diameters, thermal conductivities, and gas flow velocities. The research objective is to establish relations between the architecture and material of the periodic open-cell foam structure and their heat transport characteristics. The data was extracted from Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations.
Date made available15 Jun 2020
PublisherWageningen University & Research

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Sinn, C. (Creator), Wentrup, J. (Creator), Kiewidt, L. (Creator), Pesch, G. R. (Contributor), Thöming, J. (Contributor) (15 Jun 2020). Structure-heat transport data of periodic open-cell foams. Wageningen University & Research. 10.4121/uuid:58531fa2-067b-4a81-a577-75594df891c3