Stenomacrus sp. 1 KTKP-2019 cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial

  • Jozef B. Woelke (Creator)
  • Khanh Pham (Creator)
  • Andrei E. Humala (Creator)



Figure 2. Stenomacrus meijeri sp. nov., paratype male: (a) whole insect, scale bar 1.0 mm; (b) head (dorsal view), scale bar 0.2 mm; (c) head (anterior view), scale bar 0.2 mm; (d) apex of metasoma and parameres (ventro-lateral view), scale bar 0.5 mm.
Date made available18 Jul 2020
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • Arthropoda
  • Hymenoptera
  • Stenomacrus
  • Animalia

Accession numbers

  • Popset 1869205452
  • MN650845-MN650846

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