Soil suitability maps for agriculture for the province Noord-Brabant (Netherlands) created with WaterVissionAgriculture and scripts to generate input data and to run the model WWL-tabel



Scripts to generate input data for the model framework WaterVision Agriculture, to run the model WWL-tabel, and resulting maps of soil suitability for agriculture in the province Noord-Brabant (Netherlands). Soil suitability is reported in the form of yield depression of several arable crops, pasture and tree crops. Maps are available for the period 1991-2020 and for a relatively wet and dry year.
Date made available14 Nov 2022
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Temporal coverage1991 - 2020
Date of data production1991 - 2020
Geospatial point51.71, 5.33Show on map


  • soil suitability
  • crop production
  • yield depression
  • WaterVision Agriculture
  • agriculture

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