RNA sequencing of susceptible and resistant common carp before and after infection with CyHV-3

  • Roni Tadmor-Levi (Creator)
  • Adi Doron-Faigenboim (Creator)
  • Evgeniya Marcos-hadad (Creator)
  • Jules Petit (Creator)
  • Gideon Hulata (Creator)
  • Maria Forlenza (Creator)
  • Geert Wiegertjes (Creator)
  • Lior David (Creator)



Infectious disease outbreaks in aquaculture form major setbacks to fish production and to further development of this important sector. Cyprinid herpes virus-3 (CyHV-3) is a dsDNA virus widely affecting production of common carp (Cyprinus carpio), one of the most farmed fish species worldwide. Genetically disease resistant strains are highly sought for a sustainable solution to this problem. To study the genetic basis and cellular pathways underlining CyHV-3 resistance in common carp, RNA-Seq was used to characterize transcriptional responses of susceptible and resistant fish at day 4 after CyHV-3 infection. Understanding resistance mechanisms is important both for development of both vaccines and resistant strains and lays the foundation for future studies in this field.
Date made available15 Sept 2019
PublisherHebrew University of Jerusalem

Accession numbers

  • PRJNA565549

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