Resequencing of Brassica oleracea

  • Ning Guo (Creator)
  • Shenyun Wang (Creator)
  • Lei Gao (Creator)
  • Yongming Liu (Creator)
  • Xin Wang (Creator)
  • Enhui Lai (Creator)
  • Mengmeng Duan (Creator)
  • Guixiang Wang (Creator)
  • Jingjing Li (Creator)
  • Meng Yang (Creator)
  • Mei Zong (Creator)
  • Shuo Han (Creator)
  • Yanzheng Pei (Creator)
  • Theo Borm (Creator)
  • Honghe Sun (Creator)
  • Liming Miao (Creator)
  • D. Liu (Creator)
  • Fangwei Yu (Creator)
  • Wei Zhang (Creator)
  • Heliang Ji (Creator)
  • Chaohui Zhu (Creator)
  • Yong Xu (Creator)
  • Guusje Bonnema (Creator)
  • Jianbin Li (Creator)
  • Zhangjun Fei (Creator)
  • Fan Liu (Creator)



Genome sequencing sheds light on the contribution of structural variants to Brassica oleracea diversification.
Date made available8 Feb 2021
PublisherBeijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

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