Replication Data for: Incentives and the Diffusion of Agricultural Knowledge: Experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda



We present results of a randomized evaluation that assesses the effects of different incentives for diffusion of agricultural knowledge by smallholders in northern Uganda. Randomly-selected disseminating farmers (DFs) from a large sample of villages are assigned to one of three experimental arms: (a) training about climate smart agriculture, (b) training plus a material reward for knowledge diffusion, and (c) training plus a reputational gain for knowledge diffusion. We find that leveraging somebody’s reputation (or social recognition) has a positive impact on DFs’ experimentation and diffusion effort. This impact is stronger than that measured in the private material rewards treatment.
Date made available2019
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Geographical coverageNorthern Uganda


  • incentives
  • pro-social behaviour
  • social learning
  • technology transfer
  • climate smart agriculture
  • asia
  • africa
  • decision and policy analysis

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