Replication Data for: Beyond connecting the dots: A multi-scale, multi-resolution approach to marine habitat mapping

  • Karin J. van der Reijden (Creator)
  • Laura L. Govers (Creator)
  • Leo Koop (Creator)
  • J.H. Damveld (Creator)
  • Peter M J Herman (Creator)
  • Sebastiaan Mestdagh (Creator)
  • Gerjan Piet (Creator)
  • Adriaan Rijnsdorp (Creator)
  • G. Dinesen (Creator)
  • Mirjam Snellen (Creator)
  • Han Olff (Creator)



This dataset consists of five zipped folders: This folder contains the raster (tif) files in ETRS89 UTM31 projection of the final habitat and physiotope maps as presented in the paper. This folder contains the raster (tif) files in ETRS89 UTM31 projection of the final habitat accuracy maps as presented in the paper. All the abiotic factor data used to determine the relevant environmental gradients in the study area are included as raster data (tif) in ETRS89 UTM31 projection (supplementary figures B1-22). Most datasets were obtained elsewhere, but all datasets were processed by Karin van der Reijden in R and ArcGIS to have a similar projection, resolution and extent. In addition, the shapefiles (in ETRS89 UTM31 projection) of offshore wind farms, Natura2000-areas and national waters are included. Data-description: An overview of all folders, and of all files included in the abiotic factors folder. This folder contains the raster (tif) files in ETRS89 UTM31 projection of the environmental gradients used in the study as input to the Random Forest models and physiotope-delineation. Each gradient is a PCA-component (1-7) summarizing the abiotic factors. Gradients including (FE) and excluding (NF) demersal fishing intensity as abiotic factor are available. This folder contains datafiles (.Rdata and .CSV files) for the three biological datasets (demersal fish, epifauna, endobenthos), that give locations and corresponding biological cluster, as used in the Random Forest habitat maps. The biological datasets used for the determination of biological clusters are not included in this repository. For demersal fish and endobenthos, these datasets can freely be downloaded at the DATRAS-portal on the ICES website (demersal fish) and the EMODnet Biology portal (endobenthos). Link to demersal fish data: Link to endobenthos data: The dataset for epifauna was confidentially shared with the first author and is therefore not made publicly accessible. Upon (reasonable) request contact details with the corresponding person could be shared.
Date made available27 May 2021
PublisherUniversity of Groningen


  • Benthic faunal assemblages
  • Demersal fisheries
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Marine habitat mapping
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Physiotopes

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