Repeated-batch food waste fermentation for n-caproate production with reduced hydroxide use and no external electron donor addition

  • Carlos Contreras Davila (Creator)
  • Víctor J. Carrión (Contributor)
  • Vincent R. Vonk (Contributor)
  • Cees Buisman (Creator)
  • David Strik (Creator)



Fed-batch food waste fermentation was done without pH control for n-caproate production in an open microbiome. Acidification was steered towards lactate and, subsequently, chain elongation to n-butyrate and n-caproate was observed. Lactate was a key electron donor and its consumption during chain elongation helped to reduce the chemicals use for pH control.
Date made available25 Oct 2019
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • microbial chain elongation
  • medium-chain fatty acids
  • n-caproate
  • anaerobic digestion

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