Relatievormen in Nederland, 1984 ( ORIN ) [Ways of cohabitation in the Netherlands, 1984]

  • F.K.H. Klijzing (Creator)
  • D.J. Kaa (Creator)
  • N.W. Keilman (Creator)
  • H.G. Moors (Creator)
  • A.C. Kuijsten (Creator)
  • L.Th. van Leeuwen (Creator)
  • P.A.M. Akker (Creator)



    Background and characteristics of various ways of cohabitation in the Netherlands. R's nr. of marriages / having lived together with partner before marriage / nr. of times of having lived together with a partner / having an intimate relationship without living together / plans about going to live together or marriage / preferred way of cohabitation / nr. of own and or adopted children / nr. of children living with r at present and in the past / fertility and ( reasons of ) infertility / preferred nr. of children / used birth control methods at present and in the past / preferred age for men as well as for women to get the first child / age at which a man or a woman are considered too old to get a child / discussions with partner ( before or after marriage ) about having children / residence where r spent childhood / profession of father / whether r's mother had a ( part-time ) job during r's childhood / profession of mother / being raised according to christian or ideological principles / r's religious or ideological denomination at present / whether r joined the forces / temporarily leaving of parental home during childhood / age at which r left parental home for the first time / living conditions after having left the parental home / marital status, household composition and its changes / reasons for changes in way of cohabitation / r's education, work- experiences and source( s ) of income / education, work-situation and source( s ) of income of partner / housing situation and reasons for changes in housing situation / importance of religion in personal life / evaluation of personal and social consequences of an intimate relationship / various aspects of an intimate relationship: emotional meaning, anticipation of a divorce, financial responsibilities, responsibilities for housekeeping, meaning and aspects of parenthood / remarriage / having children and not being married / chances for lesbian couples to have children / sterilization / working outdoors of married women with children / homosexual life-style / extra-marital affairs / calling parents by their first name / being a virgin before marriage / being voluntarily childless / abortion / reasons for going to marry in the near future / whether getting children is a reason for marriage / important reasons for starting to live together or for marriage / causes of tensions in relationship / "quality" of relationship / thinking about separating from present partner / most important reasons for divorce or leaving the partner with which r was living together / favourite type of ( intimate ) relationship, lifestyle. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ religion
    Date made available1989
    PublisherLandbouwuniversiteit Wageningen
    Temporal coverage1977 - 1984
    Geographical coverageThe Netherlands

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