Radiation, THP and Soil Sensor 10-min Data. Version 1.0



This dataset contains ASCII data collected by a variety of sensors contributed both by Russ Qualls and Wageningen University. The sensors included in this dataset are an albedometer, a pyrgeometer, an infrared Thermometer and 2 temperature humidity probes for Radiation. The soil sensors consisted of 6 soil thermometers, 2 soil heat flux plates, a soil temerature probe and a soil moisture probe. This dataset contains 10 minute average data for selected sensors. A companion dataset (45.604) contains 1 minute average data for these sensors.
Date made available13 Jan 2022
PublisherWageningen University
Temporal coverage5 Oct 1999 - 27 Oct 1999


  • air temperature
  • longwave radiation
  • net radiation

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