Presence-Absence Points for Tree Species Distribution Modelling for Europe



The dataset is a collection of presence and absence points for forest tree species for Europe. Each unique combination of longitude, latitude and year was considered as an independent sample. Presence data was obtained from the harmonized tree species occurrence dataset by Heising and Hengl (2020) and absence data from the LUCAS (in-situ source) dataset.

A set of 50 different forest tree species was selected from the harmonized tree species dataset and data lacking a temporal observation was overlaid with yearly forest masks derived from land cover maps produced by Parente et al. (2021). We overlaid the points with the probability maps for the classes:
311: Broad-leaved forest,
312: Coniferous forest,
313: Mixed forest,
323: Sclerophyllous forest,
324: Transitional woodland-shrub,
333: Sparsely vegetated area.
Date made available4 Jan 2022
Geographical coverageEurope


  • ensemble machine learning
  • species distribution modeling
  • Europe
  • vegetation mapping
  • tree species

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