Parus major Genome sequencing and assembly

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Seasonal timing is a key life-history trait with major fitness consequences. The small songbird Parus major (great tit) for decades has been a model to study fitness traits like e.g. avian timing of reproduction. The research is closely linked to the impact of global climate change on timing and its consequences. Linking quantitative genetic variation in life-history traits with polymorphisms in specific genes is essential for better understanding the causes and consequences of the diversity in these traits. Genetic variation in life-history traits in wild songbirds has been demonstrated in many, often long-term, studies throughout the world. Linking this variation to genomic information requires the development of the necessary genomics tools specifically aimed at these non-model species. The assembly and annotation of the genome of the great tit will greatly enhance the further use of the great tit as a model species in this research field.
Date made available17 Jun 2013
PublisherWageningen University


  • Parus major

Accession numbers

  • PRJNA208335
  • SRP055861
  • JRXK00000000

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