Nutritional effects by beta-carotene in liver in males and females of control wildtype mice versus BCMO knockout mice



Molecular mechanisms triggered by high dietary beta-carotene (BC) intake in liver are largely unknown. We performed microarray gene expression analysis on liver tissue of BC supplemented beta-carotene 15,150-monooxygenase 1 knockout (Bcmo1-/-) mice, which are—like humans—able to accumulate BC. This was compared with litter mates being wild-type (Bcmo1+/+) mice, and we analysed both males and females, as we previously showed that in lung tissue we observed opposite gene regulation between males and females.
Date made available26 Sept 2017
PublisherWageningen University


  • Mus musculus

Accession numbers

  • GSE98846
  • PRJNA386384

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