Near real-time ultrahigh-resolution imaging from unmanned aerial vehicles for sustainable land use management and biodiversity conservation in semi-arid savanna under regional and global change (SAVMAP)

  • F. Reinhard (Creator)
  • Matthew Parkan (Creator)
  • Timothee Produit (Creator)
  • S. Betschart (Creator)
  • B. Bacchilega (Creator)
  • M.L. Hauptfleisch (Creator)
  • P. Meier (Creator)
  • Stéphane Joost (Creator)
  • Devis Tuia (Contributor)



To prevent aggravation of existing poverty in semi-arid savannas, a comprehensive concept for the sustainable adaptive management and use of these ecosystems under unprecedented conditions is needed. SAVMAP is an innovative, trans-, and inter-disciplinary initiative whose goal is to develop a valuable monitoring tool for both sustainable land-use management and rare species conservation (black rhinoceros) in semi-arid savanna in Namibia. SAVMAP uses near real-time ultrahigh-resolution photographic imaging (NURI) facilitated by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed at EPFL.
Date made available29 Mar 2015
Date of data productionMay 2014

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