Mutant gshF peroxide treatment



The goal of this study is to characterize a gshF::cam L. plantarum strain NZ7608. From phenotype characterization we have observed that the gene gshF plays a role in hydrogen peroxide resistance in L. plantarum and therefore we wanted to analyze the global transcriptome response of strain NZ7608 towards peroxide and compared this to wild type response. In this experiment we compared two L. plantarum strains: WCFS1 (wild type) and NZ7618 (gshF::cam). Both strains were grown -in duplo- on CDM containing 0.5% glucose at 37 degrees celsius. When cell density reached OD600=1.0 a hydrogen peroxide stress was given to the cultures to a final concentration of 10mM. Samples were taken at times (0 10 and 30 minutes) upon hydrogen peroxide. All withdrawn samples were used for this microarray experiment.
Date made available9 Jan 2008
PublisherTI Food and Nutrition


  • Lactobacillus plantarum

Accession numbers

  • GSE9961
  • PRJNA103973

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