model output of Cumulus convection over land in cloud-resolving simulations with a coupled ray tracer



768_*: Output of cloud resolving simulations of a diurnal cycle (Augst 15th, 2016) with shallow cumulus clouds over Cabauw, the Netherlands. All simulations are performed with MicroHH, with radiative transfer computed either with a two-stream approximation or with ray tracing. 2s_het: main simulation with two-stream solver 2s_hom_sw: two-stream solver, horizontally averaged surface solar radiative fluxes 2s_hom_hrsw: two-stream solver, horizontally averaged heating rates rt_het: main simulation with ray tracing, 256 samples per pixel rt_hom_sw: ray tracing, horizontally averaged surface solar radiative fluxes, 256 samples per pixel rt_hom_hrsw: ray tracing, horizontally averaged heating rates, 256 samples per pixel rt_het_128: ray tracing, 128 samples per pixel rt_het:_64 ray tracing, 64 samples per pixel rt_het:_32 ray tracing, 32 samples per pixel
Date made available24 Aug 2022
PublisherWageningen University & Research

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