Microsatellite marker data of Boswellia papyrifera populations in Ethiopia



The file "Data fine-scale structure of Boswellia papyrifera TGGE paper.xlsx" contains the microsatellite data used in the study " Fine-scale spatial genetic structure in the frankincense tree Boswellia papyrifera (Del.) Hochst. and implications for conservation", by A. B. Addisalem, J. Duminil, D. Wouters, F. Bongers, M. J. M. Smulders, published in Tree Genetics & Genomes (2016) DOI 10.1007/s11295-016-1039-2. The data are given both as a list (sheet ‘Genotype and GPS’) and as input files for SpaGeDi (sheets ‘Input for SPAGEDI’). Microsatellite marker data are given as allele size in bp, two columns per genotype/marker, 0 = null allele
Date made available21 Aug 2016
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Geographical coverageEthiopia


  • Fine-scale genetic structure
  • gene dispersal
  • spatial autocorrelation
  • gene flow
  • conservation

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