Microarray on mock-treated or Orsay virus infected males and hermaphrodites of Caenorhabditis elegans



This experiment investigates changes in gene expression upon Orsay virus infection and between males and hermaphrodites in the nematode Ceanorhabditis elegans. The laboratory reference strain N2 was used. For this strain, males are less susceptible to Orsay virus infection than hermaphrodites. The goal of the experiment was to identify genes that show different expression patterns for both sexes upon Orsay virus infection. We mock-treated or infected 48h-old C. elegans populations with Orsay virus and took samples 30-hours after infection. For each treatment-sex combination 8 samples were collected. Thereafter RNA was isolated, labelled, and hybridized on microarray. The gene-expression dynamics of previously identified genes (e.g. from literature and from a highly replicated N2 versus CB4856 experiment) were analyzed.
Date made available13 Sep 2020
PublisherWageningen University & Research

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