Metagenome analysis reveals yet unexplored reductive dechlorinating potential of Dehalobacter sp. E1 growing in coculture with Sedimentibacter sp.



Dehalobacter sp. E1 grows in strict coculture with Sedimentibacter sp. B4. The metagenome of the coculture and genome of strain B4 were sequenced. Filtering of the Dehalobacter genome sequence data from the metagenomic sequence of the coculture was done based on BLAST hits and G+C content. The Sedimentibacter genome sequence was used to query the metagenomic coculture sequence. Contigs of more than 150 bp in length, with at least 2 reads, and having no hit with the Sedimentibacter contigs of more than 90% identity for at least 100 bp were binned as Dehalobacter.
Date made available19 Sept 2012
PublisherWageningen University


  • Sedimentibacter

Accession numbers

  • ERP007936
  • PRJEB385
  • CANG01000000

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