Linking the morphology and ecology of subtidal soft-bottom marine benthic habitats: A novel multiscale approach. Brown Bank 2017 - Biological and geomorphological data

  • Sebastiaan Mestdagh (Creator)
  • Alireza Amiri-Simkooei (Creator)
  • Karin J. van der Reijden (Creator)
  • Leo Koop (Creator)
  • Sarah O'flynn (Creator)
  • Mirjam Snellen (Creator)
  • Christiaan Van Sluis (Creator)
  • Laura L. Govers (Creator)
  • Dick G. Simons (Creator)
  • Peter M J Herman (Creator)
  • Han Olff (Creator)
  • Tom Ysebaert (Creator)



22 stations on and around the Brown Bank were selected to study local ecological variation and to link ecological with geomorphological data. Macrobenthos was collected with a box corer and identified to the lowest possible taxonomic level, in three replicates per station. Sediment characteristics (grain size, TOC, chlorophyll α etc.) were measured for each replicate. Geomorphological data (bathymetry, backscatter, BPI etc.) were derived from multibeam echosounding at each station.
Date made available24 Mar 2020
PublisherUtrecht University
Temporal coverage2017
Geographical coverageBrown Bank, North Sea

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