Large scale variation in copy number in chicken breeds

  • Richard Crooijmans (Creator)
  • Mark S. Fife (Creator)
  • Tomas Fitzgerald (Creator)
  • Shurnevia Strickland (Creator)
  • Hans H. Cheng (Creator)
  • Pete Kaiser (Creator)
  • Richard Redon (Creator)
  • M.A.M. Groenen (Creator)



Background: Detecting genetic variation is a critical step in elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying phenotypic diversity. Until recently, such detection has mostly focused on single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) because of the ease in screening complete genomes. Another type of variant, copy number variation (CNV), is emerging as a significant contributor to phenotypic variation in many species.
Date made available21 Aug 2013
PublisherWageningen University

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