Landelijk Grondgebruik Nederland versie 7 (LGN7)



The LGN7 database is a grid file with a resolution of 25*25 m. The database provides the Dutch land use for onereference year, the year 2012. The legend consists of 39 land use classes, distinguishing the mainagricultural crops, forest, water, nature and urban classes. The LGN7 file has used the following additional existing data sources:• Top10NL (version 2012).• Bestand BodemGebruik 2008 (BBG2008).• Begrenzing Bebouwd Gebied (BG2003).• Basiskaart Natuur 2012 (BKN2012).• Landelijk Grondgebruik Nederland versie 6 (LGN6).• BasisRegistratie Percelen 2012 (BRP2012). In addition, multi-temporal satellite images (2007/2008 and 2012) and aerial photos (2006/2008, 2012) are usedto detect land use changes. The satellite images are also used for the control of the BRP crops and for theclassification of the crop plots missing in the BRP. The big amount of satellite images makes it possible tomonitor crop development throughout the year.This makes it easier to distinguish between the different crops. The dataset is public which is made possible by WOT Natuur & Milieu, Het Waterschapshuis, InterprovinciaalOverleg, RIVM and Wageningen Environmental Research.
Date made available7 Jun 2023
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Geographical coverageThe Netherlands


  • bodembedekking
  • monitoring
  • LGN7
  • landgebruiksveranderingen
  • landgebruik
  • Landelijk Grondgebruik Nederland
  • land use changes
  • land use
  • land cover

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