Landelijk Grondgebruik Nederland versie 5 (LGN5)

  • Gerard Hazeu (Creator)
  • C. Schuiling (Creator)
  • Gert van Dorland (Creator)
  • H.A. Gijsbertse (Creator)
  • Theo Jacobs (Creator)
  • H. van Ledden (Creator)



The LGN5 database is gridfile with a resolution of 25m*25m. The database provides the Dutch land use for the reference years 2003 (eastern part of NL) and 2004 (western part of NL). The legend consist of 39 land use classes divided about the main classes of agricultural area, forests, water, urban area and nature. The database is based on satellite images from the years 2003 and 2004. Besides satellite images, there is information from Top10 vector SE, CBS agricultural statistics, aerial photos, Basisregistratie Percelen (BRP), Eco-management map, data from Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer and Provinciale Landscapes, and LGN4 used in the production of LGN5. The dataset is since May 2023 public which is made possible by WOT Natuur & Milieu, Het Waterschapshuis, Interprovinciaal Overleg, RIVM and Wageningen Environmental Research.
Date made available10 Jul 2023
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Geographical coverageThe Netherlands


  • GIS
  • satellietbeelden
  • remote sensing
  • monitoring
  • LGN5
  • landgebruik
  • Landelijk Grondgebruiksbestand Nederland

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