Interactive map with TROPOMI and high-resolution scenes [Schuit et al. 2023: Automated detection and monitoring of methane super-emitters using satellite data]

  • J. Schuit (Creator)
  • Joannes D. Maasakkers (Creator)
  • P.K. (Peter) Bijl (Creator)
  • Gourav Mahapatra (Creator)
  • Anne-Wil van den Berg (Creator)
  • S. Pandey (Creator)
  • Alba Lorente (Creator)
  • Tobias Borsdorff (Creator)
  • S. Houweling (Creator)
  • Daniel J. Varon (Creator)
  • Jason McKeever (Creator)
  • Dylan Jervis (Creator)
  • M. Girard (Creator)
  • Itziar Irakulis-Loitxate (Creator)
  • Javier Gorroño (Creator)
  • L. Guanter (Creator)
  • Daniel H. Cusworth (Creator)
  • I. Aben (Creator)



Interactive map showing all pairs of TROPOMI &amp; high-resolution instrument (GHGSat, PRISMA and Sentinel-2) plume detections shown in Figures 8, 9 and 10 of Schuit et al. 2023 [Automated detection and monitoring of methane super-emitters using satellite data,]. Details on each of the plumes are provided in Tables B1, B2, B3 and B4 in the paper. Section 2.6 of the paper provides details on the three high-resolution instruments. TROPOMI, PRISMA, Sentinel-2 and GEOS-FP data are publicly available, links are provided in the data availability section of the publication. <br> GHGSat data are available at:, © GHGSat, Inc. Commercial use not permitted. The colorscales of the high-resolution instrument data correspond to the colorbar in Figure 10. The colorscale of the TROPOMI scenes ranges from the minimum concentration to the maximum concentration within the scene. This is different from the colorscale used in Figure 10, which shows a relative enhancement above the local background. Full citation of the paper: Schuit, B. J., Maasakkers, J. D., Bijl, P., Mahapatra, G., van den Berg, A.-W., Pandey, S., Lorente, A., Borsdorff, T., Houweling, S., Varon, D. J., McKeever, J., Jervis, D., Girard, M., Irakulis-Loitxate, I., Gorroño, J., Guanter, L., Cusworth, D. H., and Aben, I.: Automated detection and monitoring of methane super-emitters using satellite data, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23, 9071–9098,, 2023.
Date made available28 Jun 2023


  • Methane
  • Plume
  • GHGSat
  • Sentinel-2

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