Inhibition of Methyltransferase Activity of Enhancer of Zeste 2 Leads to Enhanced Lipid Accumulation and Altered Chromatin Status in Zebrafish

  • Marjo J. den Broeder (Creator)
  • Jarle Ballangby (Creator)
  • Leonie Kamminga (Creator)
  • Peter Aleström (Creator)
  • Juliette Legler (Creator)
  • Leif C. Lindeman (Creator)
  • Jorke H. Kamstra (Creator)



    Recent studies indicate that exposure to environmental chemicals may increase susceptibility to developing metabolic diseases. This susceptibility might in part be caused by changes to the epigenetic landscape which consequently affect gene expression and lead to changes in lipid metabolism. These changes might be mediated by epigenetic markers such as Enhancer of Zeste2 (Ezh2), a histone H3K27 methyltransferase that has been implicated to play a role in lipid metabolismand adipogenesis. In this study, we used the zebrafish (Danio rerio) to investigate the role of Ezh2 on lipid metabolism and chromatin status following developmental exposure to the Ezh1/2 inhibitor PF-06726304 acetate.
    Date made available22 Jan 2020
    PublisherNorwegian University of Life Sciences


    • Danio rerio

    Accession numbers

    • GSE140233
    • PRJNA589027

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