Global CO2 gridded flux fields from 9 atmospheric inversions in GCB2022

  • Ingrid Luijkx (Creator)
  • Frederic Chevallier (Creator)
  • Christian Rödenbeck (Creator)
  • Yosuke Niwa (Creator)
  • Junjie Liu (Creator)
  • Liang Feng (Creator)
  • Paul I. Palmer (Creator)
  • Kevin Bowman (Creator)
  • Wouter Peters (Creator)
  • Xiangjun Tian (Creator)
  • Shilong Piao (Creator)
  • Bo Zheng (Creator)



In this file, we include the data from the GCB2022 inversions on 1x1 degrees lat-lon. The data has been adjusted to facilitate comparison with bottom-up estimates. This adjustment includes 3 aspects (fossil fuel, cement sources and sinks, lateral river fluxes): - Fossil fuel and cement adjustment to account for minor remaining differences to GridFED v2022_2 (this GridFED version includes emissions from cement production and a sink from cement carbonation). - Lateral river flux adjustment as provided by Ronny Lauerwald (The file is based on GlobalNEWS2 for organic C and the weathering CO2 sink after Harmann et al. 2009 as used in Zscheischler et al 2017. But in this version, the organic C loads after GlobalNEWS are twice rescaled: 1) to the latitudinal pattern from Resplandy et al. (2018 NatGeo) and 2) to a synthesis of global estimates of organic C exports of about 500 Tg C/yr (for this you could for the time being cite Regnier et al. 2013, Nat Geo).)
Date made available4 May 2023
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Temporal coverage1 Jan 1960 - 1 Dec 2021

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