Genome-wide transcriptional profiling of Clostridium perfringens SM101 during sporulation

  • Yinghua Xiao (Creator)
  • Sacha A. van Hijum (Creator)
  • Tjakko Abee (Creator)
  • Marjon H. Wells-Bennik (Creator)



In this study we focus on the identification of new genes tentatively involved in sporulation and those that influence properties of spores and their ability to germinate. To this end, the sporulation stages of C. perfringens enterotoxic strain SM101 were characterized based on morphological characteristics and biological indicators. Subsequently, whole genome expression profiling during key stages of the sporulation process was performed using DNA microarrays, and genes were clustered based on their time-course expression profiles during sporulation. The majority of previously characterized C. perfringens germination genes showed upregulated expression profiles in time during sporulation and mainly belonged to two clusters of genes.
Date made available31 Dec 2014
PublisherWageningen University

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