Genome sequencing of one-carbon degrading acetogenic bacteria Sporomusa An4

  • M. Visser (Creator)
  • M.M. Pieterse (Creator)
  • M.W.H. Pinkse (Creator)
  • B. Nijsse (Creator)
  • P.D.E.M. Verhaert (Creator)
  • Willem de Vos (Creator)
  • A.J.M. Stams (Creator)



The genus Sporomusa contains, up to now, only one sequenced genome, that of S. ovata. Sequencing more strains is essential in understanding their common and specific physiology. Moreover, Sporomusa species typically grow with one-carbon substrates, but there are differences in their ability to grow with for example carbon monoxide. By comparing the already sequenced genomes of the type strain S. ovata with close related strains we can assess which genes are responsible for the physiological differences.
Date made available28 Feb 2015
PublisherWageningen University

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