Genome sequence of the rat gut bacterium Romboutsia ilealis CRIB

  • J. Gerritsen (Creator)
  • H.M. Timmerman (Creator)
  • S. Fuentes (Creator)
  • L.P. van Minnen (Creator)
  • H. Panneman (Creator)
  • S.R. Konstantinov (Creator)
  • F.M. Rombouts (Creator)
  • H.G. Gooszen (Creator)
  • L.M.A. Akkermans (Creator)
  • Hauke Smidt (Creator)
  • G.T. Rijkers (Creator)



The rat illeum bacterium Romboutsia ilealis CRIB was sequenced and assembled, using a hybrid approach, consisting out of different data types (Illumina paired end, mate pair, PacBio), as well as a custom assembly workflow.
Date made available31 Mar 2017
PublisherWageningen University

Research Output

Correlation between protection against sepsis by probiotic therapy and stimulation of a novel bacterial phylotype

Gerritsen, J., Timmerman, H. M., Fuentes, S., van Minnen, L. P., Panneman, H., Konstantinov, S. R., Rombouts, F. M., Gooszen, H. G., Akkermans, L. M. A., Smidt, H. & Rijkers, G. T., 2011, In : Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 77, 21, p. 7749-7756

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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    Gerritsen, J. (Creator), Timmerman, H. M. (Creator), Fuentes, S. (Creator), van Minnen, L. P. (Creator), Panneman, H. (Creator), Konstantinov, S. R. (Creator), Rombouts, F. M. (Creator), Gooszen, H. G. (Creator), Akkermans, L. M. A. (Creator), Smidt, H. (Creator), Rijkers, G. T. (Creator) (31 Mar 2017). Genome sequence of the rat gut bacterium Romboutsia ilealis CRIB. Wageningen University.