Functional recovery of secondary tropical forests

  • Lourens Poorter (Creator)
  • Danaë Rozendaal (Other)
  • Frans Bongers (Other)
  • S. Almeida de Jarcilene (Data Collector)
  • Francisco S. Àlvarez (Data Collector)
  • Josè Luìs Andrade (Data Collector)
  • Luis F. Arreola-Villa (Data Collector)
  • Justin M. Becknell (Data Collector)
  • Radika Bhaskar (Data Collector)
  • Vanessa Boukili (Data Collector)
  • Pedro H H.S. Brancalion (Data Collector)
  • Ricardo G. Cèsar (Data Collector)
  • Jérôme Chave (Data Collector)
  • R.L. Chazdon (Data Collector)
  • Gabriel Dalla Colletta (Data Collector)
  • Dylan Craven (Data Collector)
  • Ben H.J. de Jong (Data Collector)
  • Julie S. Denslow (Data Collector)
  • Daisy H. Dent (Data Collector)
  • Saara J. DeWalt (Data Collector)
  • Elisa Dìaz Garcìa (Data Collector)
  • Juan M. Dupuy (Data Collector)
  • Sandra M. Duràn (Data Collector)
  • Màrio M. Espìrito Santo (Data Collector)
  • Geraldo Wilson Fernandes (Data Collector)
  • Bryan Finegan (Data Collector)
  • Vanessa Granda Moser (Data Collector)
  • Jefferson S. Hall (Data Collector)
  • J.L. Hernández-Stefanoni (Data Collector)
  • Catarina C. Jakovac (Data Collector)
  • Deborah Kennard (Data Collector)
  • Edwin Lebrija-Trejos (Data Collector)
  • Susan G. Letcher (Data Collector)
  • Madelon Lohbeck (Data Collector)
  • Omar R. Lopez (Data Collector)
  • Erika Marin-Spiotta (Data Collector)
  • Miguel Martínez-Ramos (Data Collector)
  • J.A. Meave (Data Collector)
  • Francisco Mora (Data Collector)
  • Vanessa De Souza Moreno (Data Collector)
  • Sandra C. Müller (Data Collector)
  • Rodrigo Muñoz Aviles (Data Collector)
  • Robert Muscarella (Data Collector)
  • Yule Roberta Ferreira Nunes (Data Collector)
  • S. Ochoa-Gaona (Data Collector)
  • Rafael S. Oliveira (Data Collector)
  • Horacio Paz (Data Collector)
  • Arturo Sanchez-azofeifa (Data Collector)
  • Lucìa Sanaphre-Villanueva (Data Collector)
  • Marisol Toledo (Data Collector)
  • María Uriarte (Data Collector)
  • Luis P. Utrera (Data Collector)
  • Michiel Van Breugel (Data Collector)
  • Masha van der Sande (Contributor)
  • Maria Das Dores Magalhães Veloso (Data Collector)
  • S. Joseph Wright (Data Collector)
  • Kàtia J. Zanini (Data Collector)
  • Jess K. Zimmerman (Data Collector)
  • Mark Westoby (Contributor)



One-third of all Neotropical forests are secondary forests that regrow naturally after agricultural use through secondary succession. We need to understand better how and why succession varies across environmental gradients and broad geographic scales. Here we present data on functional recovery, using community data on seven plant characteristics (traits) of 1016 forest plots from 30 chronosequence sites across the Neotropics. By analyzing communities in terms of their traits one can enhance understanding of the mechanisms of succession and assess ecosystem recovery.
Date made available18 Nov 2021
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Date of data production4 Oct 2021


  • secondary succession
  • community assembly
  • community-weighted mean
  • wood density
  • specific leaf area
  • leaf nitrogen concentration
  • leaf compoundness
  • leaf deciduousness
  • leaf area
  • nitrogen fixation
  • chronosequence approach
  • Neotropics
  • ecology
  • botany
  • forestry
  • Functional recovery of secondary tropical forests

    Poorter, L., Rozendaal, D. M. A., Bongers, F., Almeida de Jarcilene, S., Àlvarez, F. S., Luìs Andrade, J., Arreola Villa, L. F., Becknell, J. M., Bhaskar, R., Boukili, V., Brancalion, P. H. S., Cèsar, R. G., Chave, J., Chazdon, R. L., Colletta, G. D., Craven, D., de Jong, B. H. J., Denslow, J. S., Dent, D. H., DeWalt, S. J., & 39 othersDìaz Garcìa, E., Dupuy, J. M., Duràn, S. M., Espìrito Santo, M. M., Fernandes, G. W., Finegan, B., Moser, V. G., Hall, J. S., Hernàndez-Stefanoni, J. L., Jakovac, C. C., Kennard, D., Lebrija-Trejos, E., Letcher, S. G., Lohbeck, M., Lopez, O. R., Marìn-Spiotta, E., Martìnez-Ramos, M., Meave, J. A., Mora, F., de Souza Moreno, V., Müller, S. C., Muñoz, R., Muscarella, R., Nunes, Y. R. F., Ochoa-Gaona, S., Oliveira, R. S., Paz, H., Sanchez-Azofeifa, A., Sanaphre-Villanueva, L., Toledo, M., Uriarte, M., Utrera, L. P., van Breugel, M., van der Sande, M. T., Veloso, M. D. M., Wright, J., Zanini, K. J., Zimmerman, J. K. & Westoby, M., 7 Dec 2021, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 118, 49, e2003405118.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

    Open Access
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