ESA WorldCereal 10 m 2021 v100

  • Kristof Van Tricht (Contributor)
  • Jeroen Degerickx (Contributor)
  • Sven Gilliams (Contributor)
  • Daniele Zanaga (Contributor)
  • Mickaël Savinaud (Contributor)
  • Marjorie Battude (Contributor)
  • Joost Brombacher (eLEAF B.V.) (Contributor)
  • Henk Pelgrum (Contributor)
  • Myroslava Lesiv (Contributor)
  • Juan Carlos Laso Bayas (Contributor)
  • Santosh Karanam (Contributor)
  • Steffen Fritz (Contributor)
  • Inbal Becker-Reshef (Contributor)
  • Belen Franch (Contributor)
  • Juanma Cintas (Contributor)
  • Hendrik Boogaard (Contributor)
  • Arun Pratihast (Contributor)
  • Zoltan Szantoi (Contributor)



ESA WorldCereal 2021 products v100
The European Space Agency (ESA) WorldCereal 10m 2021 product suite consist of global-scale annual and seasonal crop maps and (where applicable) their related confidence. Every file in this repository contains up to 106 agro-ecological zone (AEZ) products which were all processed with respect to their own regional seasonality and should be considered as independent products.

Naming convention of the ZIP files is as follows:


The actual AEZ-based GeoTIFF files inside each ZIP are named according to following convention:


The seasons are defined in Table 1. Note that cereals as described by WorldCereal include wheat, barley and rye, which belong to the Triticeae tribe. Next to the actual WorldCereal products, this repository contains the files "WorldCereal_AEZ.geojson" that contains the AEZ description and outline, as well as "" which contains QGIS style files (.qml) for product visualization purposes.
Date made available12 May 2023


  • Land cover
  • European space agency
  • Landsat
  • Sentinel-2
  • Sentinel-1
  • Remote sensing
  • Irrigation
  • Crop mapping
  • Agriculture
  • Land use

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