Diversification and Management Practices in Selected European Regions. A Data-analysis of Arable Crops Production and soil organic carbon

  • Claudia Di Bene (Creator)
  • Rosa Francaviglia (Creator)
  • Jorge Álvaro-Fuentes (Creator)
  • Lingtong Gai (Creator)
  • Kristiina Regina (Creator)
  • Eila Turtola (Creator)



This data set contains a data-mining performed to assess the impact of intercropping, tillage and fertilizer type on soil organic carbon and crop yield in arable crops from four selected European pedoclimatic regions and typical cropping systems in the Atlantic, Boreal, Mediterranean North, and Mediterranean South regions. A further meta-analysis was performed with these data.
Date made available24 Feb 2020


  • crop diversification
  • intercropping
  • multiple cropping
  • rotations
  • tillage
  • fertilizer
  • cropping systems
  • agriculture
  • soil organic carbon
  • crop yield

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