Diurnal UAV-based sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence over potato and sugar beet fields



UAV-based sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence was acquired over potato and sugar beet fields during clear sky conditions on August 2. 2018. Four flights following a diurnal cycle were carried out at 9:45, 11:38, 14:15, and 16:28. A Parrot Sequoia + collected multispectral measurements over the two crop fields around 11:00 on the same day.
Date made available23 Aug 2022
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Temporal coverage2 Aug 2018 - 2 Aug 2018
Geospatial point51.987, 5.652Show on map


  • UAV remote sensing
  • Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence
  • diurnal pattern
  • crop traits

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