Determination of variability of fermentor-grown Aspergillus niger

  • Douwe van der Veen (Creator)
  • Jose-Miguel Pimenta Ferreira De Oliveira (Creator)
  • Willy van den Berg (Creator)
  • Leo de Graaff (Creator)



Knowledge of the biological and technical variation for fermentor-grown Aspergillus niger cultures is needed to design DNA microarray experiments properly. We cultured A. niger in batch-operated fermentor vessels and induced with D-xylose. Transcript profiles were followed in detail by qPCR for 8 genes. A variance components analysis was performed on these data to determine the origin and magnitude of variation within each process step for this experiment.
Date made available31 Dec 2008
PublisherWageningen University and Research Centre


  • Aspergillus niger

Accession numbers

  • GSE11405
  • PRJNA106533

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