DELAY OF GERMINATION 1 plays a role in Arabidopsis seed maturation



We analysed the transcriptome of dry seeds (the end product of seed maturation) of three genotypes with different DOG1 expression levels. These included the WT Ler (low DOG1 expression), the near isogenic line NILDOG1-Cvi (strong DOG1 expression) and the non-dormant dog1-1 mutant (absence of DOG1 expression). NILDOG1-Cvi is the Ler WT containing an introgression of the Cvi accession on chromosome 5, which includes the DOG1 gene (Bentsink et al., 2006). The dog1-1 mutant is in the NILDOG1-Cvi genetic background.
Date made available14 Jan 2016
PublisherWageningen University

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The Arabidopsis DELAY OF GERMINATION 1 gene affects ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE 5 (ABI5) expression and genetically interacts with ABI3 during Arabidopsis seed development

Dekkers, B. J. W., He, H., Hanson, J., Willems, L. A. J., Jamar, D. C. L., Cueff, G., Rajjou, L., Hilhorst, H. W. M. & Bentsink, L., 2016, In : The Plant Journal. 85, 4, p. 451-465

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    Dekkers, B. (Creator), He, H. (Creator), Hanson, J. (Creator), Willems, L. (Creator), Cueff, G. (Creator), Rajjou, L. (Creator), Hilhorst, H. (Creator), Bentsink, L. (Creator) (14 Jan 2016). DELAY OF GERMINATION 1 plays a role in Arabidopsis seed maturation. Wageningen University.