Dataset for: The Contribution of the Geothermal Resources to Local Employment: Case study from Poland

  • Katarzyna Kurek (Creator)
  • Wim Heijman (Creator)
  • Johan van Ophem (Creator)
  • Stanisław Gędek (Creator)
  • Jacek Strojny (Creator)



The dataset embraces the employment values used to conduct the Shift Share analysis. The number of employed inhabitants in the selected municipalities, poviats and voivodeships in Poland by the NACE sections is sourced from the dedicated online platform, the Local Data Bank. It is a dedicated tool of the Central Statistical Office in Poland and of open access nature. The data presents the number of employed inhabitants in the selected locations and areas in the two years 2005 and 2018, which are thereafter used for the comparative analysis based in the Shift Share method. Due to the structural arrangement of the Local Data Bank, the data is attained in five merged groups of the NACE specification of economic activities. However, the number of employed inhabitants according to the NACE coding on the municipality level is not available online. Therefore, the municipality employed number of inhabitants per each of the ten observations has been collected by a paid order at the Central Statistical Office. Due to the statistical limitations of the data on a NUTS-5 level in Poland, few unavailable employment figures had to be estimated based on the general employment trends and previous years data. These estimated numbers are marked in the dataset. Hence, we present a prepared data for the related research article and any further computations of employment categories according to the NACE classification.
Date made available22 Dec 2020
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Temporal coverage2015 - 2018
Geographical coveragePoland


  • Local Economic Development
  • Employment Change

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