Dataset for review on innovative contracts for the promotion of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural management: contract design and governance characteristics

  • Birte Bredemeier (Creator)
  • Julia Rex (Creator)
  • Claudia Sattler (Creator)
  • Lenny van Bussel (Contributor)
  • Sylvia Herrmann (Contributor)
  • Katrin Prager (Contributor)
  • Céline Dutilly (Contributor)
  • Jennifer Dodsworth (Contributor)
  • Katarzyna Zagórska (Contributor)
  • Lisa Deijl (Contributor)
  • Rena Barghusen (Contributor)
  • Salomon Espinosa Diaz (Contributor)
  • Sven Defrijn (Contributor)



Dataset for H2020 project Contracts2.0 (GA No 818190), WP2, Task 2.1, Deliverable 2.1.

This dataset contains the information needed to reproduce the results in:
Bredemeier, Birte; Herrmann, Sylvia; Sattler, Claudia; Prager, Katrin; van Bussel, Lenny, Rex, Julia (submitted): Can the greater integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services into agricultural management be achieved through innovative contract design? Submitted to Ecosystem Services.

The Contracts2.0 project aims to develop novel contract-based approaches to incentivise farmers for the increased provision of environmental public goods alongside private goods.
Based on a literature review and integration of expert knowledge, we identified a comprehensive set of approaches to innovative contracts deviating from mainstream AECM contracts, and provide an overview of the variety of contracts currently being tested and experimented with. This includes different contract types like innovative Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) approaches, value chain approaches and land tenure contracts, as well as their hybrids.

We analysed 62 cases providing insights into characteristics of contract design and contract governance and the wider policy framework.

The present dataset contains information on the criteria and specifications used to describe the cases studied, as well as the evaluation of each case.

This information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge based on the sources available.

For further information on the project Contracts2.0, please visit our website 
Date made available27 Sept 2021
PublisherLeibniz University Hannover


  • dataset
  • contracts
  • AECM
  • payments for ecosystem services
  • land tenure contracts
  • value chain contracts
  • review
  • Horizon 2020
  • European Union

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