Dataset for: Ecotoxicological benthic impacts of experimental oil-contaminated marine snow deposition

  • Justine S. van Eenennaam (Creator)
  • Melissa Rohal (Creator)
  • Paul A. Montagna (Creator)
  • Jagoš R. Radović (Creator)
  • Thomas B.p. Oldenburg (Creator)
  • Isabel C. Romero (Creator)
  • Tinka Murk (Creator)
  • Edwin Foekema (Creator)



This dataset contains experimental data on the effect of artificial marine snow on marine benthic invertebrates, water quality measurements, water nutrient measurements, oxygen measurements, and data on oil biodegradation (n-alkanes). Excel sheet with raw data from the experiment: exposure conditions, biota response, chemistry, and observations are included.
Date made available17 Mar 2019
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Geographical coverageWadden Sea, The Netherlands


  • marine snow
  • benthic invertebrates
  • meiofauna
  • oil toxicity
  • bioavailability

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