Dataset for: Characterizing local potato seed systems in the province of Cotopaxi-Ecuador



Strengthening potato seed systems in developing countries is essential to improve seed security. In Ecuador, as in other developing countries, the limited knowledge about the complexity of the different seed systems has restricted the impact on seed security of a large amount of interventions. To contribute to the impact of seed interventions, this research aimed to: (1) understand the different traits of a diverse array of seed systems and (2) describe the different agricultural and social characteristics of the households of the province of Cotopaxi. The design of this study (survey/sampling strategy) was based on the information collected during a pilot study (n=40 interviewed farmers selected at random). Therefore, this survey was implemented using a stratified sampling design where each canton (Latacunga, Pujili, Salcedo and Saquisili) was considered as a different stratum. Each stratum was initially divided in different numbers of quadrants to assure proper spatial distribution. The questionnaire used was an adaptation of the questionnaire suggested by Hammond et al., 2017 (Journal of Agricultural systems [Vol 151]). It considered the following sections: (1) Metadata, (2) Household characteristics, (3) Crop productivity, (4) Potato seed system traits, (5) Agricultural inputs, (6) Livestock productivity, (7) Wild food, (8) Food security, and (9) Progress out of Poverty. As a result, we surveyed, from September to October 2018, 118 farmers in Latacunga, 67 farmers in Pujili, 56 farmers in Salcedo, and 19 farmers in Saquisili. It is expected that this database contributes to a deeper knowledge about seed systems and consequently provides information to improve current seed system interventions.
Date made available29 Nov 2018
PublisherInternational Potato Center
Temporal coverageSept 2018 - Oct 2018
Geographical coverageProvince of Cotopaxi, Ecuador


  • Local seed systems
  • Biodiversity
  • Seed exchange
  • Seed degeneration
  • Seed sources
  • On-farm management practices
  • Rhomis
  • Household indicators

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