Data underlying the research of: Behind the scenes of streamflow model performance (Bouaziz et al. 2021, HESS)

  • Laurène Bouaziz (Creator)
  • Fabrizio Fenicia (Creator)
  • Guillaume Thirel (Creator)
  • Tanja de Boer-Euser (Creator)
  • Joost Buitink (Creator)
  • Claudia Brauer (Creator)
  • Jan De Niel (Creator)
  • Benjamin Dewals (Creator)
  • Gilles Drogue (Creator)
  • Benjamin Grelier (Creator)
  • Lieke Melsen (Creator)
  • Sotirios Moustakas (Creator)
  • Jiri Nossent (Creator)
  • Fernando Pereira (Creator)
  • Eric Sprokkereef (Creator)
  • Jasper Stam (Creator)
  • Albrecht H. Weerts (Creator)
  • Patrick Willems (Creator)
  • Hubert Savenije (Creator)
  • Markus Hrachowitz (Creator)



The data are the hydrological model results of 12 models calibrated to the Ourthe catchment at Tabreux in the Belgian Ardennes. It provides hourly modeled streamflow, states and fluxes results for a selection of feasible parameter sets applied to 5 catchments (Ourthe at Tabreux, Ourthe Orientale at Mabompré, Ourthe Occidentale at Ortho, Semois at Membre-Pont, Lesse at Gendron).<br>The models were calibrated by several institutes and universities working on the Meuse basin and gathering at the Meuse International Symposium in Liège.<br> <br>The data were used for the study Behind the scenes of streamflow performance by Bouaziz et al., 2021, HESS.
Date made available7 Jan 2021
PublisherTU Delft


  • hydrology
  • hydrological modeling
  • internal states and fluxes
  • internal process representation

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