Data underlying the publication: "Effects of hatching system on chick quality, welfare and health of young breeder flock offspring"



The aim of the current study was to evaluate effects of two alternative hatching systems (hatchery-feeding and on-farm hatching) compared to conventional hatching systems with respect to chick quality, welfare and health of a young breeder flock. To study the effect of treatments on the competence of the humoral immune response, blood titres after a live attenuated NCD vaccination was assessed. To study differences in disease resilience, the susceptibility to develop tracheal inflammation after infection with a life attenuated infectious bronchitis vaccine virus was assessed by trachea lesion scoring and expression of genes related to epithelial integrity and inflammatory responses.
Date made available28 Apr 2023


  • hatching system
  • broiler chicken
  • eggshell temperature
  • welfare
  • resilience

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