Data underlying the publication "Attributes for consumer acceptance of alternative food products"



Digital dietary coaches can supplement current approaches for guiding consumers towards healthier behaviour.
In addition to taking into account the individual client’s health status, digital coaches must also link to her or his personal preferences and habits and to any contextual factors such as location and time of the day. We address the question which food attributes are needed to generate an advice that is fully personalised and situational.
The data in this replication package is the result of a crowd-sourced experiment. The goal of the experiment was to obtain insight in which food attributes people use when expressing their preferences in food choice.
We used the cohort of the Nature Today app. The number op people in the cohort is 32.000.
From the cohort, 770 participants responded to a request to join our survey. Each participant had to answer the same ten questions in Dutch.
Date made available7 Mar 2022
PublisherWageningen University & Research

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